Nordic Young contest (Oct 2022 – Jan 2023) for song and music writers, best stories proposals for musical script of performance on Nordic mythology across Nordic region, that will be presented by young people as part of creative and educational process. In total 12 scholarships will be awarded for the winners for their contribution and will be invited to the premier of the musical in May 20223, Helsinki, Finland

The musical “OMG!” (“Oh My Gods!”) will be staged on May 06, 2023 at the Keuda – Kerava Concert Hall.

“Nordic Myths,” “Legends”, “SDG” and “Ecology” are some of the themes of the spectacular stage production, which will feature 50 actors-singers-dancers-musicians. The event will light a fire in your hearts and bring a smile to every spectator’s face!

Evalution of the contents will be asseste by creative team members and indepenedent experts: Vassili Golikov, Laura Maria Rajala, Gitte Gry Bech Ballesheim, Morten Hagevik, Marko Kokko, Mikael Backegårdh, Karine Leonardsen, Jorge Alcaide.

The “OMG!” cast members can register till February 25th here:
Homework of cast members is to prepare a song with accompaniment (piano, guitar etc) or phonogram, a dance or a poem.

If you have a question, please contact us:
Creative casting issues: Morten Hagevik
Casting Content Coordinator: Marko Kokko

Additional information: