Morten Hagevik

Morten is Headmaster at Porsgrunn Cultural School and has worked in art, culture, and education all his life.
A passionate commitment to music and culture has led him on many exciting cultural journeys and experiences.
Morten has a Master’s degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Music education and a long life with organization and marketing in the cultural field, both in voluntary organizations and in cultural centres, orchestras, and festivals. He is a much sought after lecturer in cultural administration, inspiration and cultural politics in the region. He as also a wide experience in directing and conducting.


Marko Kokko

Marko is the executive manager of Vekarateatteri. He was born in the south-western coast of Finland and speaks therefore also fluent Swedish. He has been doing theatre since early school years and continues to do so by teaching, acting, directing and writing drama.


Karine Leonardsen

Karine is a dance teacher at Porsgrunn Cultural School in Porsgrunn and a producer and dancer at NORA – The regional and national centre for Dance performers and teachers. She has also been teaching in Skien Gymnasium.

She has also worked as a choreographer in a wide variety of styles, both national and international.

“I am in a dream situation. I get to teach, be on stage and work administratively. I’m grateful.” – Karine


Gitte Gry Bech Ballesheim

Gitte is an actor and theatre teacher.
She trained as an actress at the “Ecole du theatre et movement Jacques Lecoq” in Paris in 1989 and has a master’s degree in theatre and drama pedagogy from 2007.
With many years of performing arts experience from national and international scenes and films,
Gitte Gry methodically involves her students in the actor’s work, considering the individual students. With more than 30 years of performing arts teaching experience, she has brought many young people forward in the Danish and international performing art environment.


Jorge Alcaide

Jorge established himself as a musician with a reputation for presenting outstanding innovative programs in solo, chamber and orchestral music. His professional experience and interests are wide and include conducting or performing symphonic and chamber music.

Mikael Backegårdh

Mikael has an extensive educational background with degrees in traditional music performance, composition, recording technology, and film scoring. Mikael’s students profit from his comprehensive credentials and solid theoretical background. His experience allows for Mikael to coach his students with real world common sense and wisdom.


Susanne Kallanvaara

Make-up artist

Tina From