Saana Ravanko

I am Saana, 18 years old and I’m from Finland. I participate in the project as an actress. I am interested in art and culture.
With a commanding stage presence and a magnetic charisma, Saana has a remarkable ability to connect with the audience, drawing them into the world of the play. Their impeccable delivery of dialogue and nuanced expressions breathe life into each character, leaving a lasting impact on spectators.

My name is Anna 18 years old and i am from Finlad. My hobbies are theather, crocheting and painting. Whether it’s a dramatic role that evokes deep emotions or a comedic character that brings laughter to the audience, Anna brings depth and authenticity to every performance. Their versatility allows them to seamlessly transition between different genres and portray a wide range of characters with finesse.

Anna Kiiliäinen

Nella (Minella) Reen

As a valued member of Vekarateatteri’s ensemble, Nella brings their unique talents and energy to every production, contributing to the collective artistic vision of the theater. Their commitment to excellence and their ability to collaborate seamlessly with the director and fellow cast members make them an indispensable asset.

Lukas is a dedicated professional, constantly honing their craft through ongoing training and exploration. They approach each role with meticulous attention to detail, investing time and effort to understand the nuances of their character and deliver a compelling performance.

Lukas (Lotta) Virta

Neea Surakka

Neea is a collaborative and supportive member of the Vekarateatteri ensemble, working seamlessly with fellow actors, directors, and production staff. Their professionalism, adaptability, and commitment to teamwork contribute to the success of each production they are a part of.

When Veikka takes the stage at Vekarateatteri, be prepared to be swept away by their magnetic presence and exceptional talent. They are a true embodiment of the magic and transformative power of live theater, leaving audiences inspired, moved, and eagerly awaiting their next captivating performance.

Veikka Reen

Siiri Sassi

With a profound commitment to their craft, Siiri continuously seeks to refine their skills and explore new artistic territories. They approach each role with meticulous preparation, investing time and effort to fully embody the character’s motivations, emotions, and unique traits.

Meet Remi, a captivating performer who graces the stage with their incredible talent and passion for the dramatic arts. With a natural ability to embody characters and captivate audiences, Remi is a true gem in the world of theater.

Remi (Ronja) Packalen

Pirjo Virkkunen

Meet Pirjo Virkkunen a dedicated and talented individual who plays a crucial role behind the scenes at Vekarateatteri. As a skilled theatre worker, Virkkunen contributes their expertise and passion to ensure the smooth running of productions.