Our Partners

Fimigrant ry


Fimigrant RY is an NGO that offers services and support for people from disadvantaged areas and with difficult backgrounds, refugees, migrants, and people with special needs. We aim to achieve a more sustainable and fair society by assisting the people in need and advancing intercultural dialogue and education to all.We run a workshops, trainings, seminars and information days, teaching people practical skills, and important aspects of socialisation and integration in society, human rights and legal system in Finland, accounting matters and providing information to assist them in setting up their life’s (in case of refugees, migrants and minorities) and own business.
We organize vocational education for kids and youth, like drama and music lessons, youth camps and debates.



Vekarateatteri on teatteritaiteen perusopetusoppilaitos Keravalla.

Teatteri on perustettu vuonna 1990 ja on yksi Suomen vanhimmista teatterikouluista. Pääpaino opetuksessa on esitystaiteessa ja soveltavassa teatterissa.

Porsgrunn kulturskole


Porsgrunn Cultural School is a public school owned by Porsgrunn Municipality, and have more than 800 students. The students are mainly from 6-19 years, and study music, dance, theater and visual arts. Porsgrunn Cultural School have more than 30 teachers, and they teach also in kindergardens, primary and secondary school. The School has a wide cooperation with the volunteer arts organisations in Porsgrunn, and are hevily invested in development of all arts in the region and nationwide.

Porsgrunn Cultural School is one of the largest arrangers in the region, and offer a wide variation of concerts, performances and exibitions during the year for inhabitants in Porsgrunn.

Burgårdens Gymnasium


Burgårdens Gymnasium it’s a upper secondary school in Göteborg with mainly vocational training for young people, aged 16-19, with around 1000 students. Students can choose between for instance programs that educate nursery attendants, security, fashion design, hairdressers, make-up artists or animal keepers. We have an introduction program for young immigrants where they can work with the aim of entering a vocational training program within 2 years´ time. There is also the option of combining theoretical studies with internship two days every week as an apprentice. About 60% of the students have an immigrant background. Some have arrived in Sweden with their parents as refugees, others were born in Sweden. Many students have special difficulties in learning (anxiety disorder, attention deficit, autism, dyslexia or dyscalculia). The teachers therefore work in teams where they develop new training methods that better fit this group of students than traditional education.

Gothenburg Alternative Orchestra


GAO is an orchestra project based in Gothenburg that gives concerts, actions in the public space and or workshops. They consist of 20-40 musicians who have explored and developed the orchestral form from a contemporary perspective and take advantage of the musical diversity that already exists in society by transcending different musical and cultural genres and traditions and by using the knowledge and backgrounds of musicians.

They work with both adult and young audiences, preferably conceptually in collaborations and based on playfulness, interactivity, improvisation and critique of norms. The orchestra is led by Jorge Alcaide from Quartango and Lecheburre, among others. GAO is available in mini format with 8-10 musicians but comes into its own in a larger format.

Lerums gymnasium 

Lerums gymnasium is an upper secondary school in Lerum, Sweden, 20 kilometres outside of Gothenburg.

It’s a relatively young school, founded as late as in 1980. Lerum Secondary School has about 1500 students aged 16 – 19 with approximately 200 staffmembers. There is also a section for adult students. The school offers 14 national educational programmes, both vocational, aesthetic and academically orientated ones. In addition, the school offers young yachting talents a possibility of combining sail training with school studies within the Sailing College, an integrated part of the school, based on Lake Aspen. Also integrated in the school is the College of Arts and Crafts located at Nääs Castle, the very first of its kind in Sweden, with a history going back 120 years.



Folkevirke is a cross-party organisation with circles throughout the country where cultural, social and political subjects are brought up for discussion. Project days and excursions are planned and presented by Folkevirke. In several local Folkevirke circles literary subjects are regularly discussed. In most cases the books are presented by a member of the literary circle, but in some cases the author in person is presented at the meeting. For many years Folkevirke has arranged meetings between children and grandparents, who spend a week together during the school holidays in October (week 42). The activities offered by Folkevirke are being developed in close cooperation with active members of the organisation. So in case you have a good idea, don’t hesitate to contact us, and together we will find out if it can be carried out.

Talent V-KG


Talent V-KG is a performing arts line and a 3-year basic course aimed to all young people (between the ages of 15 and 25) with an interest in acting and theater – whether they want a professional career as an actor or are passionate about starting there own performances and theater concepts.
Talent V-KG is an offer for young people who want to develop and receive education at a high level. An offer for young people who want to find their way into a serious and professional performing arts environment. In a unique collaboration between Teater-V and Copenhagen’s open high school, the opportunity is given that as a young person, they can both get  a STX and pursue your passion at the same time.
The teaching takes place both in Teater-V’s premises in Valby and at Copenhagen’s open gymnasium under the supervision of professional actors and instructors who develop the students’ artistic communication skills, creativity, voice and musicality, independence and collaboration skills.
The main emphasis is on the practical teaching of acting and the stage artistic expression. Through the teaching, they are prepared to be able to apply for admission to, for example, Den Danske Scenekunstskole, and are also introduced to the wider theater environment in Denmark and european theater festivals and the growth stage environment.
The purpose of the Talent V-KG basic performing arts course is to strengthen young talents for a professional performing arts environment. With a focus on both personal development and the scenic community, it is for the individual performing arts talent a development and clarification course with the best theater teachers and framework, at the same time that the young person can take their youth education.

Copenhagen Business Academy


Copenhagen Business Academy is Denmark’s largest business academy and consists of five campuses in Greater Copenhagen and Northern Zealand. Copenhagen Business Academy offers professional higher education programmes in which theory and practical skills always go together, and where the subjects taught can be seen in their proper perspective.