The final rehearsal for “OH MY GODS!” occurred on May 5, 2023, at 16:00 in Keuda.

The dancers from Norway, actors from Finland and Denmark, and musicians from Sweden worked together to create a cohesive and dynamic performance showcasing their artistic abilities.

The involvement of professionals adds expertise and guidance to the project, helping to elevate the overall quality of the concert performance. Their experience provided valuable insights and mentorship to the young participants, fostering their growth and development.

With the theme “Creative Nordic Generation 2030: from Niflheim to a Paradise of Yggdrasil,” youngsters development cultural and artistic creativity in frame of achievement of UN SDGs and Nordic Vision on sustainability by focusing on peace, social inclusion and climate change and presenting them in a creative way.

The collaborative nature of the project and the involvement of professionals and young talents from different countries make “OH MY GODS!” a genuinely intercultural and captivating endeavour. It’s an excellent opportunity for the participants to learn from one another, create lasting connections, and present a unique artistic production to the audience.

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