Last week the first expert and cooperation meeting took place in the beautiful Norwegian city of Porsgrunn.
A group of young people from four countries gathered together to participate in different workshops and started discussing the performance story (script).

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Show the youth (without telling) what it´s all about, make them move their bodies, and learning to know each other

OMG!: How to put up a show in 30 minutes!

Kickstart youngsters creative mind, make them perform


by Ingrid Nåvik Grønlund

Raising awareness on how we can use the voice in different ways. Warm-ups, tryout the different voices we have, loud and soft and more…


by Jorge Alcaide

A workshop on creativity (individual and collective) through movement and music.
Get young people moving and discover how to use their bodies creatively.

Viking village

What would Odin do?

by Marko Kokko

Humankind, or indeed the whole of Midgaard, is dealing with climate change, mass extinction, war, hunger, etc. The gods of Asgaard have had enough and decide to intervene to save the world. However, the means for each god to tackle the problems are varied, to say the least. So the gods call together a moot and put their best minds into the task. Their job is to devise a solid plan to stop all this nonsense and save everybody. And by ”their”, they mean ”your”.

Finding themes and ideas
by creative team

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