In workshops, young people in a frame of workshops created content for performance got new experiences and practised innovative approaches in arts performance and thought cooperation contributing to the project’s primary outcome. Also, a final draft of the creative manual was agreed upon.

The project’s third workshop in Copenhagen was mainly a practical workshop. On the first day, we were presented with the script for the show for the first time, and parts 1, 2 and 4 were almost finished. The groups worked on improvising the various scenes, and this was the first time we practiced the scenes in all the Nordic languages. It was very instructive and challenging to play the scenes in Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish at the same time. Very educational and fun! It was also interesting to see the young people from different countries, but who had much of the same education, meet each other from a youthful, human and professional point of view. The musicians worked with different musical material, and both songs and soundscapes were further developed to fit in with the various changes in mood in the text. The dancers worked in parallel with their dance scenes, and at the end of day 2 we put together the whole performance, which now lasted about 40 minutes.

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