Today we launched the Project “Creative Nordic Generation 2030 (CNG): from Niflheim to a paradise of Yggdrasil…

Project goals is to raise interest of children and young people in participation/contribution into development cultural and artistic creativity of children by improvement of children and young people access to the culture and initiation of debates about Nordic culture and arts transformation in frame of achievement of UN SDGs and Nordic Vision on sustainability by focusing on peace, social inclusion and climate change and presenting them in a creative way and through non-formal education by using creative approach and Norse mythology and Languages to growth the future culture leaders.

Additional goals:

  • To encourage youth cultural innovation and sustainability as a tool to use in young people everyday life
  • To increase cultural communication across Nordic youth and improve collaboration within the region by developing new performance & creative content, materials designed by young people on Norse mythology and culture, SDG, social inclusion and creativity.
  • To recognize the benefits of working together across cultural boundaries as we share common goals and a common future.

Project has as innovative approach to combine art performance and dialogue with young people and audience by using traditional and alternative approaches. We will incorporate drawing, writing, singing, dancing and photography/video production and use in the learning process.

Join us in our journey by registering yourself here.

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